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Vicki Hamilton is a Senior IT / Operations Executive who comes up with new IT strategies to take care of old workplace problems. An award-winning technology executive with over 20 years of senior-level experience, Vicki’s strategic, multidisciplinary competencies include conceptualizing, designing and executing innovative technology strategies for high-value results ($20M+.)

Since 2012, Vicki has consulted with a variety of companies, serving as Interim Chief Information Officer, Marketing Consultant, and Adjunct Professor.

In 2013, Hamilton launched The Wright Answer, a global online match-making mentoring program for women from college through retirement. The Wright Answer helps women find solutions to challenges and concerns around all aspects of their lives: health, family, career, and spiritual. Mentees are paired with like-minded mentors who have experience in the areas where the mentee is seeking guidance and support.

“I am honored to serve the Atlanta community in support of STEM through my appointment as President of the Women in Technology Foundation Board.  As we take women and girls from the classroom to the boardroom, we are here to make sure they can write their stories. It is my sincere belief that our efforts will result in women having a stronger influence and impact on the economic growth in our country. Collectively, with a dedicated staff and a vast team of engaged volunteers, the WIT board leadership continues to work laterally to serve as passionate advocates for women of all ages in Georgia’s STEM community.”
– Vicki W. Hamilton 

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