It’s time to take your business to new heights. 

Executive business coaching that takes your business to a new level.

For many entrepreneurs, the biggest challenge is tunnel vision. Is this you?

Entrepreneurs are often laser-focused on their objectives. They know exactly what they want to achieve.

But that’s not enough.

To excel in your business, you need to take the road less traveled. That means you need to work with an outsider to find innovative ways to overcome existing challenges. Someone who can come in with a fresh perspective and the expertise to create solutions tailored to your goals.

Vicki Hamilton

I’m Vicki,

your new right hand

I’m Vicki Wright Hamilton, an executive technology consultant and business coach with over 30 years of industry experience.

On the tech side, I serve as the founder & CEO of VWH Consulting, a company providing technology strategy, transformational initiatives, and change management on a large scale.

I also bring hands-on business savviness to the table — having started VWH Consulting as a solopreneur and successfully growing it to a team of expert consultants that helps world-class companies implement digital transformation to achieve business goals.

I’m on a mission to share my depth of personal and professional experience to help entrepreneurs accomplish their goals. This mission led to publishing my best-selling memoir, Game Face: Corporate Success Strategies of a Trail-Blazing Tech Warrior.

Most recently, I’m sharing my knowledge through two television shows airing on local networks in Atlanta, DC, and California, YouTube, and all streaming services: “Hidden Stories, Healed Now” and “Strategic Minds: Making Money Moves.”

I’ve seen time and time again business owners trapped in the confines of the same old routines. Unable to change the trajectory of their business simply because they’re too close to see the possibilities.

So I’ve taken it upon myself to help you discover your business’s full potential and transform it, starting now.


What People Are Saying

“Vicki Hamilton has been my exceptional executive coach for the past two years.  When I first embarked on a new senior executive role, I knew I needed expert guidance and support to navigate a new organization successfully and achieve the goals and objectives aligned with the annual strategic plan. Vicki has proven to be an absolute gem in my journey to success.   
Vicki’s impressive background as an executive leader in corporate America sets her apart in the world of coaching. Her firsthand experience allows her to deeply understand the challenges and intricacies of leadership in today’s fast-paced business landscape. Her ability to relate to my specific situation and provide invaluable guidance on navigation complex scenarios has been instrumental in my growth as a leader. 
One of Vicki’s standout qualities is her strategic acumen.  She approaches coaching with a keen sense of strategy, helping me formulate and execute plans that align perfectly with my organization’s goals.  Her direct and no-nonsense approach has consistently pushed me to be the best version of myself, and I’ve seen tangible results because of it. 
What truly sets Vicki apart, though, is her wealth of resources and tools.  She equips her clients with a diverse set of strategies and techniques that empower us to tackle challenges head-on and achieve our objectives.  Vicki’s commitment to her clients’ success is unwavering, and her dedication to their growth is evident in every session. 
In my professional journey, I’ve had the privilege of working with several executive coaches, but Vicki Hamilton stands head and shoulders above the rest. Her expertise, strategic insight, direct approach, and extensive toolkit make her the best coach I’ve had the pleasure of working with.  I wholeheartedly recommend Vicki to anyone seeking transformative guidance and support in their executive journey.  With Vicki by your side, you’re not just prepared for success; you’re destined for it.” 
Nicole Mason

Marketing Executive

“Vicki was an excellent Keynote speaker on November 7th, in the 2022 WATT (Women Advancing Technology Together) Summit in Equifax.

She enlightened and captivated the audience speaking about “Enhancing Global Diversity in Technology”, which is in complete alignment with our Summit theme “Growing – Enhancing Women and Men working in Technology Globally”.
The passion that she has, the connections that she established with the Audience were extraordinary, as well as the interactive tools that she used during the session to keep the audience engaged 
Her presentation also included future trends in Diversity & Inclusion which were very valuable and appreciated. It was a very research approach and outcome driven. 
She is truly amazing! I strongly recommend her as a presenter. 
Thanks for your great contributions Vicki.”
Alejandra Torchia

WATT Program Chair & Champion, Equifax

“Vicki Hamilton is an extraordinary leader who took the time to help me navigate my career in technology. She taught me how to prepare for the unknowns in the digital ecosystem while following my passion. […] She has shown me that a true leader does more than drive multiple strategies – a true leader engages and empowers their organization.”

Tara King-Hughes

Vice President of Tech and Innovation, Vital Voices Global Partnership

Vicki is an phenomenal coach and strategic genius! We collaborated on multiple strategic programs spanning organizational change management, digital innovation, and program management efforts. Her ability to understand the people, processes, and technologies within the environments, as well as leading industry trends enables the organizations she works with to blend the right approach that transforms the effort at hand.

I feel fortunate to have learned from Vicki, and hope to continue to grow from her influence as my leadership coach for many years to come. As a coach, she truly observes and guides your individual growth through thought provoking questions that empower you to self identify and grow during your coaching journey to be the best version of yourself.

I cannot thank her enough, and truly believe that if you can have her guide you or your team that you will understand what a blessing it is to have her in your world!


Director, Workplace Transformation (IT) at NBCUniversal

“I had a wonderful experience working with Vicki as my executive coach. Throughout our sessions, she provided valuable guidance and support as I navigated complex career transitions. With Vicki’s help, I was able to extend my external network and increase my visibility, which led to numerous new opportunities. In fact, I was offered several conference speaking engagements and was recognized as Women in Technology’s Women of the Year in the “Woman to Watch” category. Vicki’s insights on navigating executive paths were incredibly valuable and helped me chart my own course with confidence. Overall, I highly recommend Vicki as an excellent executive coach.”

Necole Jackson-DeJoie

Global Executive Director, Boston Consulting Group

“I am very fortunate to have been coached and mentored by Vicki. I treasure the relationship we have built over the years. She has coached me through hearing the hard things, taking accountability for them, and determining my actionable next steps which has always kept me moving forward. But most importantly, she follows up with me for reinforcement and support demonstrating a true commitment to our relationship. Vicki is a rock star mentor, leader, and woman of integrity and strong character.”

Melissa Koehler

Vice President of Application Development & Operations, CNN Digital at Turner Broadcasting System, Inc.

“I have worked in technology for the past 18 years, I have always heard one mantra shouted from the diversity platform, and that is the importance of bringing your “whole self to the table”. Personally, no one has ever modeled what this looks like except Vicki Hamilton. While women can have many roles to fulfill (wife, parent, leader, mentor, friend, advocate, etc.), coming to work intact and ready to deliver can be a complex process for some of us. The ability to excel in a male dominated field takes far more than showing up ready to work; Vicki demonstrated that it requires having a deep sense of purpose, passion, and prowess. Vicki defined for me that bringing your “whole self to the table” not only means your education, expertise, and background, it also includes integrating my passion, my service to others, and making a positive impact on the business.”

Stacey Rivers

Director of Technology, Skills Analysts and Development, Turner Broadcasting System, Inc.

“Vicki was the whole package and wanted me to understand that I had an opportunity to have a mentor who would be there. Thankfully, I opened up and she helped shape me to be the person I am today. Vicki is the person I can thank for helping me build confidence in myself and my abilities. She was patient in helping me understand and plan for my future, as well as the steps it would take for me to get there.”

Angie Griffith Ruiz, MBA, CPM

Product Director, Cox Automotive

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