Giving Girls Role Models in STEM

STEM Gems Book

STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics – is important to our country’s global leadership. Not only does STEM offer the opportunity to engage in exciting realms of innovation and discovery, STEM jobs earn 33% more than non-STEM jobs!

The Gender Gap in STEM 

  • Historically, women have been severely underrepresented in STEM.
  • Women earned 57% of bachelor’s degrees in all fields in 2011, but only 18% in the computer sciences, 19% in engineering, and 19% in physics.*
  • Women make up 47% of the U.S. workforce, but make up dismal percentages in STEM fields. For example, 16% of chemical engineers are women, 12% of civil engineers are women, and 7% of mechanical engineers are women.*

We need to close the gender gap in STEM. This book is a critical step.

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