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What People Are Saying

“Since beginning my work with Ms. Vicki, she has been a professional life coach, confidant, moral compass, and has become one of my favorite people. She has a very distinctive way of balancing a careful listening ear while sharing her wealth of experience and ideas. I have learned to not be afraid of the storms ahead, but to rather apply the tools that she would help me learn as a way to navigate every day challenges- professionally and personally. These life lessons would help guide me out of the darkness to a place of strength and confidence in myself and my leadership skills. It was truly a life changing experience.”

Monteil Weeks

Executive Director, The Villages at Carver Family YMCA

“I am very fortunate to have been coached and mentored by Vicki. I treasure the relationship we have built over the years. She has coached me through hearing the hard things, taking accountability for them, and determining my actionable next steps which has always kept me moving forward. But most importantly, she follows up with me for reinforcement and support demonstrating a true commitment to our relationship. Vicki is a rock star mentor, leader, and woman of integrity and strong character.”

Melissa Koehler

Vice President of Application Development & Operations, CNN Digital at Turner Broadcasting System, Inc.

“Vicki Hamilton is an extraordinary leader who took the time to help me navigate my career in technology. She taught me how to prepare for the unknowns in the digital ecosystem while following my passion. […] She has shown me that a true leader does more than drive multiple strategies – a true leader engages and empowers their organization.”

Tara King-Hughes

Senior Director, Technical Product Management GTO Technology Strategy & Business Operations, Turner Broadcasting System, Inc.

“Vicki began to give me guidance and counsel to deal with the politics coming at me.”
Catrice Shaw

“Vicki was the whole package and wanted me to understand that I had an opportunity to have a mentor who would be there. Thankfully, I opened up and she helped shape me to be the person I am today. Vicki is the person I can thank for helping me build confidence in myself and my abilities. She was patient in helping me understand and plan for my future, as well as the steps it would take for me to get there.”
Angela Griffith

Product Manager, Manheim

“I have worked in technology for the past 18 years, I have always heard one mantra shouted from the diversity platform, and that is the importance of bringing your “whole self to the table”. Personally, no one has ever modeled what this looks like except Vicki Hamilton. While women can have many roles to fulfill (wife, parent, leader, mentor, friend, advocate, etc.), coming to work intact and ready to deliver can be a complex process for some of us. The ability to excel in a male dominated field takes far more than showing up ready to work; Vicki demonstrated that it requires having a deep sense of purpose, passion, and prowess. Vicki defined for me that bringing your “whole self to the table” not only means your education, expertise, and background, it also includes integrating my passion, my service to others, and making a positive impact on the business.”
Stacey Rivers

Director of Technology, Skills Analysts and Development, Turner Broadcasting System, Inc.